What Does StartersHub Mean To Us?



Since Day 1, 2015, StartersHub has been making a great impact on Turkish startup ecosystem. With having over 50 companies in our portfolio with a +US$3 Million worth of investment we are indeed the “Hub” of the country. Our previous model reflected us as an accelerator with us establishing a strong, valuable friendship with a Startupbootcamp. And we believe that, the partnership served its purpose well for both parties with our first program at Silicon Valley also represents the expansion of SBC into US. BUT, our experiences so far has showed us, the word “program” shall come to an end in order for us to fulfill our destiny, that being the leading micro-vc of CEE & MENA regions!

Now it is time to take the next step! As of 2019, we have come up with a unique investment approach to complete the transition from an accelerator to an early-stage tech investment fund. Our difference from others were always acting like an accelerator while investments were our main thing. We have had certain “program” application dates while also investing amounts up to US$250K (that’s so not accelerator!). From now on, we will be totally focusing on our investments with our dedicated team providing 360˚ degrees of support. We will be accepting startups to StartersHub all year long without being bound to a specific application date and provide a TailorMade support in our unique way to startups by connecting them with right mentors & corporations, giving the trainings they need in order to maximize the benefits our precious startups receive from us.

Life is Short. Do Stuff That Matters.

Committed to Success

StartersHub is the leading early-stage tech investment fund of Turkey, currently aiming & working in order to become the leader of MENA & CEE. 

Startups that we take under our wings can expect to be joining a proactive family, as we only make long-term commitments with all the startups with take in, where we grow their business together, make follow on investments, co-investing with our industry leading friends.

We build relationships with our startups that last beyond the time we have with them; we become a family. In our culture, families are always there to support. Therefore, we have adopted the same philosophy in our investments. We aim to stick around for the long run.


Ersoy Kiraz

Managing Director

Arda Aşkın

Managing Director

Çiğdem Toraman

Managing Director

Ceri Çukran


Semiramis Kulak


Burak Mert Kaya


Leyla Merve Sargın

Facility Manager

Buşra Özgümüş


Board of Directors

Ebru Dorman

CEO, MV Holding

Bahadır Ilgaç

Business Development and Affiliates Director, MV Holding

Murat Tanrıöver

General Manager, Gedik Investment Holding

Barış Özistek

CEO, Netmarble EMEA