What we offer

More Than Your Typical Investor

As StartersHub, we provide a unique tailor-made support to our startups with every single aspect on their journey. We do not only invest, we give an extensive 360˚ support once you are in!

Our Fine-tuned Cycle

What We Do

With the startup ecosystem growing bigger day-by-day, investments spread to all over the globe without being bound to a specific region.

And StartersHub aims to be in the center of those regions!

Rolling Intake 

There is no time limitation to be a part of the StartersHub family. You can apply whenever is suitable for you. Our startup recruitment process takes around one month.

Tailor-Made Support 

We believe in customization. Every startup is unique and needs different kinds of support, training and mentoring.

Our Team is Your Team

People come before the idea. We are a team full of passionate, hard working, self-driven, brave, proactive, integrous. We will be there for you to help and to support you whenever you need us.

Going Global

Our aim is to help you become a global startup. We provide you an extensive network of companies, VCs and individuals!

If you are ready to scale to the US market after the monitoring period or whenever your company feels ready, our office at San Francisco will be there to do the soft landing (e.g. Incorporation, mentoring, VC network, partners, support)

Partner Perks


  • Opportunity to do business with our globally renowned corporate partners such as Turkish Airlines, Unilever, B/S/H, Honda Global!
  • Up to $100,000 Cloud Credits
  • $10,000 worth of Digital Ocean Hatch Credits
  • Discounted offers from Linkedin, Salesforce, Inovaban & Inventram!

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