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Entrepreneurs are in love with their business. They are so concentrated in their work that they can not see the product or service they have developed, the market potential, the product deficiencies.

Every successful venture has a good strategy and team play. The important thing is to build the right team and develop the right tactics.

We had talented players as Thread In Motion, but we did not know the rules of the game. Team StartersHub was the excellent coach at the point of teaching the rules of the game, developing our game strategies and making the necessary moves in the game.

The right product, the right market, the right marketing, the right sales strategy, the right investment! StartersHub team have a big influence on the formation of all the truths.

Kadir Demircioğlu, Co-Founder

StartersHub gave us the necessary resources such as office space, legal counsel and most importantly business development mentorship which helped us to focus on our execution and fasten our business’ product-market fit in this fast paced entrepreneurial environment. We’ve experienced several pivots in our business model, which StartersHub always supported us in such hard decisions and gave us necessary room for maneuver.

Fatih Çelebi, Co-Founder

As a team who was reluctant to get investment in Turkey, we were pleasantly shocked by how easy life got after we decided to join StartersHub. Hub’s constant support, push and passion have driven us to reach and exceed the goals we set out to do. The resources available for members of the Hub were incredible, ranging from subject experts to potential customers, legal help and more. Shared workspace along with educational sessions provides a dynamic and insightful environment to grow and flourish among other creative minds. I definitely endorse any venture to join StartersHub and benefit from their vast experience and resources as we did.

Deniz Akbaş, Co-Founder

It has been a breathtaking experience for us to join the StartersHub in both business and product perspective. With the help of mentors, we could focus on our strengths in the product and gain a lot of customers from their network. After we got our first investment, we have started our global expansion.

We are a proud member of StartersHub family among side best startups of Turkey. 

Ergin Eroğlu, Co-Founder

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